A Hot & Steamy Solution: getting ventilation right

Removing steam and moisture from bathrooms and laundries is an important consideration in any build. The exhausts we fitted in the downstairs bathrooms are totally insufficient so we did some research before buying the upstairs models. (And we're going to need to replace those downstairs) We discovered an Australian online company called Pure Ventilation that provided the easiest  "How to Choose an exhaust Fan" information, and they have an online store. We ordered Thursday night and accepted delivery Friday afternoon. The exhaust was installed this morning and the ceiling sheeting continues. Yippee!!!!

Adequate ventilation requires an understanding of the room's capacity (or airflow). To do this, calculate the area of the room you wish to install the ceiling exhaust fan (Length x Width x Height). Then multiply this number by the number of air changes required (approximately 10 for a standalone toilet and 15 for a shower.) Use this cubic metre capacity to choosing an appropriate exhaust unit.

Discoveries like this make getting it right so much easier. I think I'll start a 'Links' page, compiling some great sources we've discovered. 
Have a great Weekend!

x KL

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