Making a Curtain Call

I once thought that window coverings were something to consider after you moved in and you were sick to death of sheets stapled to architraves. Ummm...definitely not.
Achieving a beautifully finished room always starts at the design stage and this house, our current project is no exception. 

Due to the ocean views, we maximised the glazing and in order to best utilise cooling breezes, chose functional louvre windows. This decision eliminated the option of having Plantation Shutters (Boo Hoo!) which left me with blinds and curtains as window coverings.

I love the 's' track system for curtains. Here's my inspiration:

Downstairs, I have installed simple roller blinds in the bedrooms, with the intention of having the sheer installed over them later. Blinds will be hung in the family room in due course. I planned for  ceiling pelmets to hide the header where blinds will be used alone, which will look neater when completed.

Upstairs, the same will be done; a combination of blinds and / or sheers where daytime privacy may be required. The open plan formal lounge / dining area though has provided me with a headache due to the varying ceiling heights. I have two options here. The red line indicates the track position, the yellow circle a curve bend in the track.

Pros and Cons:

The pictures above TOP,  illustrate the further possibility of adding a pelmet  to hide ugly brackets in option one. Though this still creates a dust shelf! The pictures above BOTTOM, show the difference between ceiling and wall mounted tracking.

I ADORE the room below where the curtains fall from the ceiling. It's similar in shape to my room but I wonder if the ceiling height change would look odd???
(Love the pendant too. Can anyone identify it?)

All your thoughts, as always, are very gratefully received!!!!
x KL

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