DETAILING: Powder Room

Here are the plans for the upper level powder room which will also function as J's bathroom as it is next to his bedroom. His room is finished with the exception of carpet, desk and bookshelves. I have posted about it before HERE.

The layout for the powder room changed radically from those in the original design as I wiggled walls and doors in the hall in order to create a small linen cupboard which I had forgotten to include. There is one downstairs but to have one on this level will be practical. Luckily the rearrangement meant we gained views of Copacabana Beach from the window. Yay!

On a lucky shopping trip I scored the W.C and fittings for this room for only a few hundred dollars (detailed HERE) and we have some marble for the floor (heated) and one wall that was rescued from a skip! Matt white 600 x 300 mm vitrified wall tiles will finish the room.

Below left is the inspirational picture for this room. I also added a bulkhead over the vanity to accommodate a niche that will hide the roller blind and will include a drawer in the custom made vanity for storage.

The other swishy detail added to this room, which I'm very proud of, is a light well over the shower and W.C. I pinched the idea from The Westin Hotel, Sydney and there will be a LED light strip secreted in the slot too for evening illumination. As this room faces South, it is a very successful way of gaining an abundance of natural Northern light into what could have potentially been, a dark cave.

That concludes the detailing posts for the upper level. The lower two levels are semi complete and where we currently inhabitate. 
Should I continue posts like this of these rooms or do you find them boring as bat sh*t? 
Be honest!

x KL

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