We did a wee bit more gyprock'n this weekend. (alas 'the tuckshop arms' see little improvement!)
The underside of the lounge room cove is complete and David popped a fluro in to see the effect. Am a tad disappointed (Shhhh....) as I thought the light would gradually fade / diffuse from bright to light over a greater area. Perhaps 'warm' white LED's will give a different effect? Can't wait to get the vertical planes done now!

The Nest Leaver's returned to visit and everyone, except hard-working daughter # 2, A and Moi went off to the movies. I thought I'd knock over the last of the shopping list. 
Hilarious. What was I thinking? 
All that remotely came close to my shopping trolley were bandaids for my blistered feet and this snow dome which was not for sale. ? Thank God, I'm not a Kleptomaniac!

My hubby's many things but a flower giver, he is not. When I do receive flowers it makes an impact... J gave these to me via my Brother-in-law after a day addressing my departed Aunt's belongings. There were some for Nana and my sister too. Perfect. A little sunshine in my home. 
Most thoughtful gift...EVER
Thank you.

x KL

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