DETAILING: Lounge Room

The detailing for the lounge room has been the easiest so far. This room is located at the top of the stairs on the top level and has great ocean views through to Norah Head Lighthouse.  The picture below was taken from this room when H.M.A.S Adelaide was scuttled off Avoca Beach in 2011.

We've mostly stayed to original plans here, as seen below.

I've roughly added some red lines to show where we've dropped the ceiling height around the perimeter of the room in order to create cove lighting which I've mentioned before HERE. The stair hallway ceiling has been dropped even further to delineate that space and to link the heights is the other rooms on this level.

We've decided to install a customised Ecosmart Fire rather than gas (gotta love un-installing stuff! LOL!) and add a built-in bookcase to the LHS which was posted about HERE but I'll re-post the piccies again below. My attempt at a rendering, left. Bookcase inspiration, right.
I'm going to build the bookcase just shy of the end wall to create a niche into which the curtains can be drawn so when they're open, they don't obscure the window. That's the concept, anyway. LOL!

Poor Davey has already built the framing for a solid gyprock handrail for the stairwell but I've changed my mind and now want frameless glass to match the proposed exterior handrails. Eeeek! Here's an inspirational pic:

  I've found it hard to find an image that reflects our situation where the staircase is flanked by flooring either side on the upper level. I think glass will work well here because of the large expanse of wall behind the stairs which can be viewed from the lounge area and is perfect for art. Perhaps something like this:

Vivienne Westwood Union Jack wallpaper
I ordered this awhile ago from the UK and posted about my excitement HERE, and was planning to put it in J's bedroom but after spying this image, may relocate that treasured purchase! These will be exciting decisions to make! Can't wait!!!

x KL 

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