Hubby really hit the roof this weekend!

I don't think there would be many people who would celebrate when their spouse 'hit the roof' but, with a builder husband, the term takes on a different meaning!

We were extremely fortunate to have borrowed our Plasterer's sheet lifter so this weekend David and I exhausted ourselves getting the final gyprock ceiling sheets up. No simple task with 6 metre long sheets and a lounge ceiling height of 3.6 metres!

Clockwise from top left, we have now installed the dining room, main bedroom, main bedroom ensuite and stairwell / hall ceilings. With every muscle screaming (I AM NOT exaggerating!), we also sheeted the highest part of the lounge room as seen below. Thank God that job is behind us!

Apart from sheeting the cove section of the lounge room ceiling, we're now up to the walls which are relatively easy and, with only a few large expanses, less of a weight strain! At just under the big 50 age mark, I doubt David or I will ever do this ourselves, again.

x KL

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