this week....

 David has been busy (yup, you guessed it!) plastering upstairs whilst the rest of us have played with Tilly, taken delivery of a new car, eaten our weight in Christmas fare and generally lazed about.
This year has flown by so fast....it's quite incredible to only have a few days left of 2012!

The tricky upstairs hall area is sheeted now. In the pictures above you can see the small linen cupboard, my 'shoe' cupboard inside the main bedroom doorway and another light well that allows natural northern light into this area. I wanted to paint the hall end in Dulux Domino, the dark charcoal colour I've used elsewhere but the strip of wall continuing up into the light slot might look odd. Funny how I didn't foresee this before sheeting. 
I tried this rendering below (picture taken at night so no light from window) and think it looks OK? The wall on the right was to be the same dark colour. ? Opinions?


x KL

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