We have taken delivery of a little girl Moodle, Tilly for some friends who are away on holiday. Due to Cyclone Evan, their trip to Fiji was pushed back a few days and we get to baby sit till Sunday. J is totally in love. I'll let you know how I feel after tonight, this being Tilly's first night away from her mum.

x KL

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  1. Good luck getting that dog off of that child, I don't like your chances. Kx (The Blog a House Built)

  2. Oh so cute, hope he didnt cry all night!!!
    merry chrissy & happy new year KL, I have really enjoyed your blog this year & the progress on you home , so I am really looking forward to seeing it all come togethor for you in 2013.
    P.S that little chanel snow dome was spectacular!!!

  3. How gorgeous is your little visitor. Hope you enjoy having Tilly visit:)


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