Crossing another thing off the wish-list!

I received this today (another delivery!!!). I ordered it from Third Drawer Down. It is a 95 x 95cm,  "Art History" silk scarf with the same typography as the limited edition print (105 x 74 cm - medium) by Vuk Vidor. I've been eyeing off the print for awhile but at $550 unframed, it was going to stay on the wish list a bit longer. The scarf version is similar in size but at $95 it was definitely more do-able! I still have to frame it though! Below are some interior pictures where this or other versions have been used to great effect!

Joseph Dirand Architecture

I spied this in Josh & Jenna's lounge room on 'The Block'!

Finalising my (LOL- J's!) playroom lounge choice too. Will post about it soon! Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!

x KL