Playroom lounge!

Well, I finally bit the bullet and ordered my lounge for the playroom. The inspiration for the room came from the picture above. I had wanted to buy a white leather modular and found this one at Plush that fitted the space. I loved the fact it looked 'light' due to being raised off the floor on stainless steel legs and, it was super comfy too!

Eeeek, dodgy i-phone snap!

I was very restricted size-wise by the doorway seen on the right in the picture of the space below.

I decided against the white leather in the end. Our ivory leather suite gets dirty so easily and this lounge was for a playroom! So I considered fabric instead:

This is a gorgeous lounge from Freedom Furniture. It was far too big to be considered but I loved the 'tweed' fabric! My deciding factor though was what I would be placing in the adjacent formal lounge. I'd love a new, dark velvet modular but I have two white fabric 2.5 seater lounges that I can't justify replacing. (I know, that 'B' word again!)
So... I decided on charcoal velvet for the playroom!
I ordered the same model as the white leather one shown above but chose the fabric from a teeny sample and am really confident that I've made the right choice. As a sweetener too, Plush had 20% off their fabric sofa range when I ordered!
Happy days!!!

x KL