New Acquisitions!

I finally got round to purchasing this Pony Rider quilt for my 9 year old son's bedroom having previously bought the two cushions. I love how simple it is to decorate bedrooms by updating the bed linen! Now this is finalised, the rest of the room should be easy to put together. A little bit of a retro / industrial theme is developing and with quirky, fun accessories, this room should take him into his teens with style!

I had a lovely day shopping with my eldest daughter this week. She has re-booked her travel plans for Japan and we were doing some clothes shopping for summer and her trip. I was shocked to see the Myer Christmas shop being set up. Where the hell did the year go? Three months to Christmas! Eeeek!!!
So I purchased a Christmas gift; only a zillion now to go! Have you seen these?
They're Whisky Rocks and don't change the odour or flavour of the drink whilst keeping it cool and undiluted! Clever! (And a 'difficult' man present ticked off). Hoorah!!!!

I've also done more Bromley buying! (Well indecisive switching really). I originally purchased this one:

I still love the boys in boat scene but exchanged it for the flower one below. I don't know why really, and I hope I don't regret letting the 'boys' go. What do you think?

Have you started Christmas shopping? Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

x KL