My 9 year old son has joined the 'World's Greatest Shave' team at his primary school in order to assist fundraising for the Leukemia Foundation. We have a very dear friend and Mum of two littlies who is battling with this.
I am so very proud of him!
Amazingly, his inspiration for this comes from an equally young peer; Abbey ( yes, a very pretty little girl!) who at the tender age of 10 or 11 (she's currently in year 5) has beautiful LONG hair and has organised this at school!
I'm in awe!

My son has been growing 'the 'do' in preparation for ages. He has mastered a very cool Justin Bieber flick (OMG don't tell him I wrote that!), and I suspect the blindness the fringe is causing is helping him count the days.....till September 19.

They have currently achieved 50% of their $5000 target!
 I know I have a very small readership (I appreciate every one of you!) but I thought I'd still 'put-it-out-there' to the blog world. If you can pass this on, especially for Abbey and the foundation, Jack and I would be stoked and perhaps we can make a difference!

Donations can be made publicly or privately via


or go to 'The Worlds Greatest Shave 2011' website and type in Abbeys name under sponsorship.

And I'll definitely post the 'after' shots! Word has it we're going to be a local media 'hot-spot!'

x KL