My 'other' life (away from blogging!)

I accompanied my son on a school excursion yesterday to the Gosford / Edogawa Commemorative Japanese garden and Regional Gallery and Arts Centre. His grade three class are learning about Japan and this garden is special to us as a family as it is where my husband and I were married!

The garden was a gift to the people of Gosford as a symbol of cultural exchange and friendship, by our Sister City Edogawa. (near Tokyo in Japan)

It was designed in accordance to the original principles of Japanese design of the Heian (700AD) period. The gardens were officially opened in September 1994 by the Mayors of both Gosford and Edogawa.

This garden is now one of the most popular tourist attractions on the New South Wales Central Coast. It is based on a traditional 'Shuyu' (strolling style) garden. The meandering pathways lead to traditional Japanese features including a Japanese teahouse, raked dry stone garden (Karesansui), stone lanterns and a pond filled with Koi fish.

The children had a guided tour of the garden conducted by a volunteer who skillfully explained the Japanese aesthetics and philosophies of this garden. Then they enjoyed another tour, this time of the art centre and made their own printed cards.
My son's graphic Koi card!
It was a very relaxing, and relevant trip for all. (I needed a wee nanna nap when I got home!)
What life do you lead away from your Blogs?

x KL