My hubby's current 'mistress'!

I get so much pleasure watching the exciting progress of other blogger renovation or building projects, but of course occasionally I can't help feel a bit envious too. It's not that we're not motivated or lacking in ideas....the opposite in fact, but my hubby's so very busy building other people's 'dreams' that ours is on the bottom of the priority list. I can't blame him either; everyone has heard the jokes about the tiler / electrician / plumber's houses being the ones most in need of their trades!
So I thought I'd share one of the projects he's been building for some lovely clients. I took these pictures this afternoon and he reckons it'll be finished Friday. Mmmm. Here's a peek...
The rear of the house. I love the cantilevered forms!

A side verandah with glass balustrade and pivoting screens for privacy and shade

 The massive cantilevered Corian bench floats over the stairs. Amazing engineering!
The upstairs powder room in secreted into a flush joinery wall and employs mirror to visually double its size.

The main bed en suite is spectacular! It includes a huge walk in shower and an outside shower too! The freestanding bath is yet to be installed. Washbasins from Minosa.
The kitchen is streamlined with hidden appliances. Those shelves will be hidden behind sliding, painted back, glass panels.

Darling hubby 'action snap' - welding the fireplace ready for installation. Love the floating roof!

Main bed feature window

One of two identical bunk rooms containing 4 x beds each. (To be installed) Mirror reflects the space and the hand wire- brushed and waxed floors. So glad that jobs complete! Exhausting just listening to updates!

Hanging stairs! They'll look better when all this building 'stuff' is removed! My job for tomorrow?

Not obvious, but the detailing is amazing. Secreted cavity 'walls' extend from juxtapositioned walls to meet at the corner to isolate the television room.
 Gotta love technology! The television remotely 'swivels' to be at 90 degrees to the wall it's on for 'outside / deck' viewing!
Polished white concrete upstairs delivers continuity inside and out. Inside is hydronically heated for chilly months.

A very cute plunge pool with waterfall feature sits within the front courtyard

When the question 'What handle will we use?" becomes a bore; resolve the dilema and detail your own!!!

Using my trusty iPhone, I took a quick snap of anything that I thought looked interesting. I took 87 photos! It was really difficult to 'cull' the selection to just these. Next week furniture is arriving and I hope I'll get some final, finished shots to share with you before hand-over. There are no facade pictures as the driveway concreting was being done and I didn't want to trip over any of the working army!
Hope you enjoyed the glimpse into this spectacular house.

x KL

ARCHITECT: Steven Isaacs at Architecture Saville Isaacs
BUILDER: David Workman (Aka; Hubby!) at DRW Constructions Pty Ltd