Chandeliers and wishful thinking!

My Coco Republic love and inspiration - the chandelier's addition to the 'wish list'! Approx $5K

As I have often harped on about, I love many different decorating styles and 'my' aesthetic is constantly evolving! Our current house is structurally quite contemporary and minimal but I can not discard my penchant for classic styling. I also have to accommodate our furnishings from past houses which include items of Balinese, Chinese, French Provincial, Mexican, African / ethnic and Australian antique origin! (Another post to be sure!)

I really lurve a sparkly chandelier and have already incorporated one into my laundry / kitchenette downstairs (sort of by default!).  Pictured below, it was purchased to be part of my second daughter's 'boudouir' but my hubby decided to usurp my decorating authority and install ceiling fans to the bedrooms so.... much to her disappointment, I commandeered it for the laundry / kitchenette. It will hopefully add to the sexy 'bar' effect  when we open the big bi-fold windows to the entertaining deck when guests are over!
Purchased from Freedom Furniture for a bedroom @ $399 and re-purposed in the laundry!

The chandelier interest started quite a few years ago, before the first sod was turned on this project and when I was busy drawing 'what-about' sketches on anything that would hold my ideas at that moment! Upon spying a magnificent example at Coco Republic (pictured first, above), I broached the idea with hubby and was quite shocked at his reaction! Normally very open to my ideas, or at least willing to discuss their merit (with illustrations provided by Mwa), he was absolute in his negativity with a very big, resolute NO! Over the last 6 months though he has mellowed (? Been nagged into submission) and I have found more beautiful and more fiscally plausible options.
I had done a 'deal' for this 8 light fitting for $1600 when hubby said NO. It is now priced @ $3299 at Domayne!

 I thought I'd share with you a beauty that I discovered today. I accompanied a friend to a medical appointment in Sydney and we found time (of course!) to have a quick squizz en route at favourite shops! I snapped this : Sparkly; tick! Price-point: tripple ticks!!! Now - just to convince hubby!
Recollections 12 light fitting $849!
I have a few new followers too! Thank you so much for joining me. I'm not sure where we're headed but I appreciate your faith in me, my blog, and my existing readers that it's worth tagging along for the ride!

x KL