A recommended abode!

 Looking for a ready to be inhabited beach side home? This could well be it....and I can vouch for it being well built!  My husband was contracted to construct this house for a lovely couple who resided in Singapore. This became their holiday home but they are now selling and it is ready to be loved by another family! 
 It's so nice to see the extensive professionally landscaped grounds at maturity. A friend of the owner who lived locally made the decor decisions. My wee input? Betcha can't guess....
The stairwell dark wall! LOL! It is Dulux PG1F9 Spanish Eyes.

Upstairs, the owner added red as a bold accent. Not my cuppa tea but it's only one wall. Certainly memorable and makes the custom wall unit a stand-out feature.

The main bedroom is very spacious with a to-die-for en suite. 

The children's rooms seen above and below are spacious too and have a clever feature head board coloured specifically to the teens taste. It is painted MDF board hung on the wall so colour changing is easy peasy. I thought this was a brilliant idea and would work equally well using wallpaper.

 Oh, and the views aren't too shabby either...and you'd be close enough to pop in and have a champers with Moi!

All the deets including address, price and a myriad of features can be found HERE.

x KL

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