Hello Gorgeous!

 School holidays are drawing to an end here, mores the pity. At 10, J is very independent and I can enjoy a lazy sleep-in when there's no school. No chasing him to bed at night is also heaven. We're getting back to routine over the weekend though in prep for Monday!

David has been busy upstairs again....no prizes for guessing what he's still doing! 

Bought these black and white vases after 'um'ing and 'ah'ing for an eternity at Freedom and ordered a designer-copy-cat spine book tower thingy. It takes 12 weeks to get one! I just expected them to pop it in my car. LOL! Live and learn! I serendipitously received a $50 gift voucher too which was unexpected. Not sure what I'll buy with it yet....

Remember my recent post about Juju hats? Mine arrived today.... I love it's texture but I sadly packed it away until upstairs is ready to be decorated. *sigh*

And this absolutely gorgeous, sparkly Anya Hindmarch clutch may or may not be delivered soon. Perhaps in time for Mother's Day? NET-A-PORTER....I lurve you!

x KL 

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