Bits 'n Bobs...

 The weather here is really odd. Cold and raining one day and hot the next. The weekend was like that too. Didn't stop the boaties from getting their yachts out and sailing past our place on Saturday whilst David got the last coat onto the dining room ceiling.

 David and I celebrated twelve years of marriage on Monday. I received a rare bunch of flowers and a store-bought card! Wonders never cease around here!

I decided to skip the opportunity to treat ourselves dinner at a swanky restaurant. I've started a diet and am doing well with it....so far. I didn't want to sabotage my own progress but don't worry, Davey didn't miss out. Cooked a ginger and plum pork roast for him. He reckons it was good. 
Smelt that way. *sigh*

x KL 

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