Decision S.O.S.

 Did you have a nice break over Easter?
David got the dining room walls and ceiling sealed ready for painting and I made lots of tea and yummy food for sustenance. We're a good team! LOL!

Finishing this room (sans floor) is next and so it's decision time. 
The ceiling will be painted first; 25% Dulux Natural White as downstairs. TIP: We always paint our ceilings with a touch of colour in them; plain 'ceiling white' is too cold and contrasts jarringly. We've even educated a few very experienced painters about this and they have all been 'converts'!

Anyhoo, after the ceilings it will be onto the walls and colour decisions need to be made! 
You'd think that after three years of anticipating this moment, I'd be prepared.... 
eeeeek! not bloody likely! 

The thing is, the house ATM is a shell that could readily be moulded in any style. 
Contemporary. Modern. Classic. Minimal. Beach. Sophisticated.
Blogging, Pinterest and the Web are phenomenal tools but they can also provide visual overload.
 As time has expanded with this project so have my inspiration files and, as I have eclectic taste, no one clear direction has emerged. I need help.

If you are so inclined, have a wee squiz at the plans above showing the middle and top levels. On the middle level we have the entry, pool, laundry / kitchenette, three bedrooms (including guest room / en suite), family room, main bathroom and study. If entertaining during the day / summer months, this is where it'll be happening!  Upstairs is the main kitchen, lounge with fireplace, dining, master bedroom, another bedroom, playroom / T.V, and the best ocean views. This is where I anticipate evening / winter entertaining occurring.

Are you still with me?

So, the entry level is all neutral with marble, white walls and a touch of moody charcoal. Upstairs, I plan to reverse this with a darker palette offset with white, but which bits where?
What I have so far....

Dulux Natural White and Domino.Crema Perla Marble.

So....the gazillion dollar question is...do I have a white and black kitchen OR a black and white kitchen because the answer to that determines the dining room wall colour!!!!

Daggy renderings of the colour choice I'm agonising over! Worse than childbirth! (Nah. Major exageration!)

White and Black                            OR                        Black and White

Your opinion / vote / additional thoughts / illustrative images are all very gratefully received!

x KL

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