Handover : Point Frederick Project

 Thought I'd post some final pics of this project (also seen HERE and HERE) as we handover to the clients. It is mostly complete however there are all the usual, and frustrating (for them and us), last minute finishing touches still to go.
Below is the view of the entry stairs after glazing. One piece of glass at the top of the stairs is missing as is the timber handrail. The wall joint between levels also needs beading and painting; left till last at the owners request.

The gas fireplace is installed and the owners decided that the ledge was to be completed with a painted faux concrete look rather than render or axolotl finish. It looks surprisingly good! We have suggested a mirrored plinth to reflect the flooring and achieve a floating effect but the clients are undecided.

I really love the study area of the home. The joinery makes this room very multifunctional. On one side is a heavenly expanse of workspace whilst the other hides cabinetry for generous storage .... and a bed for additional guests!

Now you see it....Now you don't!
 The kitchen plays hide and seek also with fridge, freezer and pantry hidden behind cabinetry. There's room for a wee desk nook too!

 Entertainment equipment hides in it's own purpose built cupboard alongside a discreet liqueur cabinet.

The finishes in the home are consistent and limited to timber, concrete and glass. Likewise, the colour palette has been restricted to white and grey. I love the warmth the timber adds aesthetically.

 There are lots of considered details in this home that are unseen but create the minimal, cohesive aesthetic that was desired. Hydronic underfloor heating, flush external drainage, sliding hidden doors / walls to name but a few.

 I hope we get invited back to see it furnished....I'd be itching to add some pops of colour to personalise the spaces if it were mine. 

Speaking of which...our dining room ceiling is painted. Yay!

x KL 

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