Hit and Miss; some help required!

 J is off to Canberra for three days / nights (I'll be a basket case!) in five weeks and he has a school project to complete before heading off; he needs to take his own knitted scarf! 
His female peers (7 : 1 girl to boy ratio) have taken up this challenge with great enthusiasm. I can crochet and offered to help but David's nonchalant "I could knit at your age" statement made him the preferred teacher. TIP: Be careful what you brag about....LOL!
After consulting his good friend Mr. Google, David cast on and 45 minutes later (I kid you not) he had taught J every building site cuss that ever existed. And then some!

 Pic 1. Row two attempted in bed this morning (is it pearl, is it plain...W.G.A.F.!) and J's first hands-on knitting experience. I dodged the flying skeins and needles and it was proven that J is a very good listener! It's going to be a short scarf!

Pic 2. Have you heard of Temple and Webster? I signed up and was excited to make my first purchase; this gorgeous map. After waiting yonks (and they had my moolah!) unfortunately they couldn't supply. SO disappointed!

Pic 3. LOVE this smoking skull image and I'm positive I've seen it as a cushion on Etsy but need help locating the seller!!!

Pic 4.  I snapped these horns at the January Decoration + Design Fair held in Sydney and if my memory is correct, this wholesaler also stocked Zebra hide rugs. Can anyone help with the supplier's name?

Ooooh...and its a definite 'Hit' for this wee bloggie. I won a generous Blog makeover from Katrina at Katrina from the Block! Bloggy botox coming my way soon!!!!

Stay tuned......

x KL 

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