The week so far...

 After seriously coveting Erica's (Moth Design) J Crew Flower Lattice necklace for what seems like an eternity, my heart has now been stolen by Heidi's (Adelaide Villa) Kate Spade Ice Queen neck piece. Funny really, because I've never been one for costume jewelry. Never say never....The J Crew one was sold out when I first fell for it but can now be back ordered whilst the sold-out Kate Spade is only available from a few e-bay sellers. Both designs are equally stunning....and would make a perfect Mother's Day pressie. Hint Hint! Eenie-meenie-miney mo?

I can't believe another World's Greatest Shave day is upon us again. This was J's contribution this year. We are huge supporters of The Leukaemia Foundation here after watching my friend, and mother to J's, battle and lose her fight to this disease. I think of Lisa often and hope that a cure can be found soon. 

Read about Bacon Jam on Made By Girl. Made some. (That's my batch mid cooking, above) Super easy and absolutely yum. (I tasted it only to ensure it was edible BTW! - still on my diet!) 
Highly recommend. Deets can be found HERE

Everyone in blog-land was super excited about finding ceramic garden stools at The Reject Shop for $40 a few months back. I was too slow and missed out but they revisited this winner and I scored the last two white and a lone black in my local store. Yippee!
If you're after them, better get your skates on!

x KL 

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