W. T. F. ?

How long have I patiently waited for my darling Bindi to be hung? 
Waaaay too long!
So I pestered David over the weekend and this was his effort. W.T.?
Not only does the wire and fixings show (a definite no-no!!!) but they are the same ones that held up the painting that was there before and are too high. If I'd wanted a shoddy job, I'd have done it myself!

 My excitement (shared with you HERE) at finding and purchasing our external lights was short lived. The globes that fit into them are discontinued. W.T.?
Hello...why sell a fitting that no-one can use!!!??? Grrrrrr......

Likewise, my much anticipated eBay bargain I bragged about HERE is a dud. 
A Kate Spade Ice Queen neck piece is NOT wearable if it has three missing diamante! W.T?
Brand New? Pffffttt.

Remember THIS online purchase waaay back in 2011? 
J's entire new bedroom was designed around this 'hero' piece. Why wait to use it in the new room I thought and so unwrapped it. W.T.? Queen size? More a single bed throw. And the pattern is pieced differently too; in large and small font stripes. Ewwh. I do not want to even recall how much I invested in this item.

Sooo...I'm still on the diet. And, I've lost 3 kilos. I am really struggling with it though.
Be kind with your comments....LOL!

x KL 

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