Colour crush: 'Hermes' Orange

 I'm still in love with my black and white decorating scheme but I find I'm being drawn to colour lately too. Rather than bold swathes of it, I'm attracted to small highlights here and there in accessories and small objects. This week's favourite is what I'd call
'Hermes' Orange.

 I bought two of these orange and black lacquer boxes (the medium and large size seen below and which are also featured in the first picture on this post), intending them to pick up the orange hue in my David Bromley Butterfly throw. 

When I pulled the throw out of storage to compare the colours I got a rude shock! I'd forgotten I'd swapped the throw above for the more muted one below! Bugger! 
(I blogged about them Here, here and here)

And I also swapped my initial purchase of 'The Boys In Boat' (above) to the flower one below which features yellow, not orange. Double damn! Don't you hate wrong decisions!?

 Anyhoo, back into storage they've all gone. I'm going to spend some time making an inventory of what I've already purchased for the finished house to prevent 'oop's' like this one!
Maybe the  'Hermes' orange boxes will be a minor feature in the study!
What do you think? Would you use this colour?

x KL

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