Happy holidays!

What are you planning on doing over the Easter break? I've got a few new books and mags to peruse and plan on visiting a pregnant girlfriend to deliver a group gift of practical baby goodies.

On Thursday afternoon I received some items from the gift fairs I attended earlier in the year.
The bone inlay cross is divine and I'm so happy with the cowrie shell neck piece too. This later piece reminds me of the many ones I saw in Papua New Guinea (where I was born). Unfortunately, I'll need to package them back up until I have the right spot to display them.

 The carved skull arrived too. I unpacked it last because after such a long wait, (I first saw it in 2004!) I was terrified that it wouldn't meet my expectations. In the end, David unwrapped it. It is quite different from the original skull I posted about HERE in many respects, most notably the carving design. I prefer the original but this one is OK. The quality of the carving however is most disheartening, it is rough and lacks the finesse of other pieces I saw and ordered from. The size of the horns are small in comparison to the skull too. I am very disappointed to say the least and as I purchased it wholesale, don't think I have any return options. I also would rather keep this than not have one at all. Sigh!

 The weather here has finally turned warm and summery, perfect for everyone to enjoy a little R & R.
David and I are thinking of booking 10 days away (with J of course!) but are so unsure of where to go that the planning is starting to feel like a chore rather than being exciting. We can't go anywhere for at least 3-4 weeks as I've needed to get passports for J and David. Bali has been considered largely due to offering such good value for money but the travel advisers are still touting it as an area of high risk. Anyone have any suggestions for us?

x KL 

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