Still Stalking Skulls!

 As anyone who has been regularly reading my blog would know, I've had an obsession with a particular carved skull, first seen in 2004. (Pictured top LHS) When I finally tried to obtain one, I found they were no longer being imported and I was devastated.
On attending the Decoration + Design fair in January of this year I discovered that the original wholesaler was re-importing and I ordered one. (Picture top RHS). The problem with wholesale buying is that you often cannot 'pick' an individual piece from stock as you do in a retail store. My ordered skull is a far cry from the beauty of the 2004 model and I've been a bit disappointed about this big decor statement.

 I was pretty excited then to see the picture above on Peepmystyle blog. Claudia has just returned from her Honeymoon to Bali and snapped this on her travels. The carving is detailed and the horns stunning. She saw allot of them over there. Yee Ha!!!!

 Why didn't I think to google 'carved skulls' before? Duh!
A treasure trove of images, mostly from Bali were to be found....
Check these out...

I've contacted Customs and have the green light there, but Australian Quarantine will have to check it over and I may have to pay for it to be fumigated...but I'm thinking one of these is coming home - somehow,  in hand luggage real soon!

x KL 

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