New cookware!

I've had two lots of cookware in my life. 
The first were Pyrex Vision; a golden glass miracle in their day.

 In the early '80's, as a 21 year old, newly married non-cook, I loved that I could see what was happening inside the pans....unfortunately it was usually food 'baking on' and becoming inedible. The casserole dishes had clever lids that could multi task as pie plates when inverted. Cutting edge stuff... and they were indestructible! You can still buy them on eBay!!!!
After 14 years of good service they were shown the door; along with my first husband.

With limited moolah and as a new single mother, I then bought a 'cost effective' cookware set by Master Cuisine at Myer. I was impressed with the 18/10 Stainless Steel, robust Bakelite (stay cool) handles and the large number of items in the set. They have performed incredibly well, (the three I use, that is) but tonight the 'pasta pot' is no more. The Bakelite handle shattered after 15 years service. I was lucky that it failed after I had drained the boiling water from the pot! Whew!
it means I get to choose, once again, new cookware (though not a new husband, LOL!) that I will use everyday, for at least, potentially, 15 years....
Hello gorgeous! Iittala Dahlstrom Tools.
I'm only replacing my 5 litre pasta pot at the moment but aim on adding a large and medium saucepan too when my existing ones break - which may be imminent!
They suit all styles of cook top and most importantly...they look damn fine too!
x KL

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