Winter wardrobe for bigger girls....hello? Where are you?

 Are you starting to think of your winter wardrobe? Yup, me too.
 I put on alot of weight before my Thyroid surgery last year and it's proving impossible to shift. Due to cardiac problems, the amount of replacement Thyroxine I take is relatively low (conservative treatment...blah blah) so my metabolism is so sluggish it's ridiculous. This is so I don't start to regularly Fibrillate as that's taken years to control. Fair enough.
I'm really struggling with 'my' style now though, having been previously, naturally slim. I said goodbye to size 6 after the girls were born but was an 8 - 10 up to three years ago. Now I'm a size 14 - 16. Usually the latter! My previous go to stores; Witchery and Country Road, have got few items I like let alone fit my bigger size.
I've still got relatively slim legs so leggings / jeggings / skinny jeans will be my fall back items teamed with over sized tops to cover my tummy & rear acre! How bloody boring!

 I bought the shoes above from Country Road Online with their Spend n Save discount voucher but am secretly lusting after the Chanel ones below.

 If I buy fewer clothes maybe I can justify spending more on individual items and up the look good factor with some gorgeous accessories?
Mmmm...food for thought!

What amazes me though is the lack of well cut clothes for this market. I'm fatter, yes, but my shoulders aren't wider, my arms and legs no longer, and yet the bigger sizes seem to be based on a enlarged zerox plan of a size 8, not cut for a size 16 body template. I know there are specialised 'big girl' stores that have tried to cater to women like me but I want fashion forward not 'how to wear black stretch fabric in 10 styles'. I'm not accepting defeat....yet.

So I'm off to research the existance of style blogs for bigger girls. 
Anyone got any pointers?

x KL 

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