Bits & Bobs....wallpaper woes & main bedroom furnishing!

O.M.G. DO NOT look at the mess! You did! You did! I know you did! Eeeeek!
Whilst sharing with you the agony of perusing wallpaper choices and then my excitement when finally deciding on THE design HERE, to the devastating conclusion that we couldn't afford it, posted HERE, the actual sample has been on order.

On a positive note, for 5 months it was an exciting 'done deal'.
And the sample which finally arrived, confirms that I've got exceptional taste!

Pity 'bout the budget. LOL!

In other news, the new King sized bedhead has been delivered (dust-cover still on)

but no matter which way I look at it...

 I can't help but feel it looks a bit incy in the space. ?

Hopefully when THESE mirrored bedsides get unpacked, they'll fill the space much better!

And...Davey has measured the shoe cupboard for fit-out!
It is a relatively inexpensive proposition and then I can finally unpack my shoes after 3 years of  'short-term', *cough* storage! 

My lame attempt at rendering; two of the wanted five shelves being drawn. You get the idea!
Whoop! Whoop!

x KL

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