obsessing over....

 I've admitted to this before, but I'll be honest again....
Do you get a fixation on any one item for months at a time?
(Maybe it's just me....) Eeeeek!

Once upon a time, I owned no mirrors other than those fixed in the bathrooms. Then one day I saw a beautiful Venetian Mirror and became obsessed. Every time I saw a beautiful mirror it came home with me....(some I've posted about before HERE). And 20 odd mirrors later, I was done*. Disinterested and onto the next 'thing'! Scary eh! ? LOL!

*I may have recently ordered two mirrored bedside tables. Like these: He he!

Domayne Optical bedside in clear
Well my latest obsession is Bone Inlay. I just can't get enough of the stuff! 
I think if I had the money to buy one large piece then the desire for more might have waned. Maybe. 
Instead, I've gathered lots of bits and bobs, mostly black and white, but some mother-of-pearl and grey too.


This obsession might be on the way out though....I've started to thinking about standard lamps endlessly, though haven't purchased any...

x KL

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