My week...

H e l l o ! ! !

It's been a busy week here with lots of different stuff going on. 

I've decided to start a de-clutter, commencing with my wardrobe. Why? 
Because I have have not come to terms with never being a size 6 or 8 again! *sob* 
(Still holding out hope for a 10 or 12 though! LOL!)

I found this brand new Oroton bag in the back of my cupboard! Eeeek! Took it for an outing to Grand Designs on Sunday but I now like a longer strap to keep my hands free so onto eBay it went. Click HERE if you're interested!

Love this little Jonathan Adler tray in silver (and the gold version too). Wishing someone in Oz would stock it so I can avoid those exy US shipping charges.

The lovely people at Rolling Stone Landscapes have given me the faux lawn supplier's deets! Yay!
Click HERE for further info!

I was thrilled to receive my recently ordered West Elm cutlery after THIS fiasco. Um....x 2!
1800 # assistance quick to apologise and easy to to get on to, but after three lengthy conversations, still no promised return authorisation docs. Apparently I wasn't charged for the $600+ of merchandise (they were very grateful I rang!)... hopefully they can survive these teething problems and don't scoot back to the US prematurely!

Darling daughter # 1, S purchased a new laptop. Oh My! Techno loaded and pretty too at < $1K!
The BF's parents have returned from OS bearing gifts....too funny!

And oops! I wrote a little one where a zero should've been on the custom shaving cabinet drawings.
A half hour installation turned into a four hour re-make, then install. Lucky he loves me!
Needless to say the vanity waits for another day. Thank God the other crucial deets were correct. 
When glazed, the cabinetry will sit perfectly flush with the walls. Whew!

Oh, and although this isn't my pic above, Mum & bub whales gave my girlfriend J and I a very similar show at brecky! Love living in paradise!!!!

x KL 

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