Custom Made....

Well my coffee table project has progressed.
So far I've spent $215 on it.
The last time I mentioned it was HERE and below is the base (on it's side) now powder coated.
Next will be a ply top to which Davey can wield some parquetry magic! Stat tuned!

 The thing is, that me lugging this frame upstairs, and being a wee bit puffed, meant that it has stayed on it's side for a few hours. During lunch. And two cups of tea.

 Now, a question...does it look like a you-beaut sideboard to you? (I'm now onto wine)
I'm visualising it a bit lower in height with a marble top.

Made me do a quick google and look at these for inspiration:

I'm thinking the steel fabricator / powder-coating mob and I will be seeing more of each other!

x KL

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