*Framed my Typo T-Towel (Thxs for idea Katrina!) *We have a hand towel rail! *Mum's 50 yo bathroom tile framed as a reno momento. *The mirror bedsides have made it upstairs!

 The school holidays have finished here in NSW and J has returned to school, unfortunately without much enthusiasm. We had a very lazy two weeks at home. 
Lots of leisurely sleep-ins and pj mooching!
We got a few small chores knocked over and some arty projects completed.

 J and I ventured into Sydney and stayed in Newtown at my daughter's flat for a few days. She cooked up a storm and pampered us no end...We took J to Luna Park on the windiest day... it was looking tired but provided us with lots of fun, nonetheless. The bumper cars and giant slides being faves with J and S's BF, M.
I stuck to laughing at myself in the warping mirrors!

What did you get up to in the holidays?

x KL

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