Grand Designs - 2013

David and I attended Grand Designs Live 2013 at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre on Sunday courtesy of Cafe Lighting. (Thanks guys!) We thoroughly enjoyed the 2012 exhibition and really looked forward to attending again.
As last year, the displays were arranged in four zones: Building, Kitchens, Interiors and Outdoors.
Unfortunately, some of the exhibitors we looked forward to seeing (Engineered stone displays to be specific) were absent but surprises were provided by others. 

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The creative stand designs provided some of the best inspiration. (above)
We liked being able to 'touch / feel / play' with new Hettich products though frustratingly, found the reps uneducated and therefor unable to provide any meaningful information for the newest products on display.

Loved the House of Bamboo stand. It showcased creative applications of their product.
How clever is the slat-look screening? (Left & middle below)

Last year we were very enamoured with the Rolling Stone Landscapes expansive display. This year it was equally visually arresting though disappointed on a few levels. I love being inspired by creative design but placing the focus on a single $9 000+ priced item (show 'special' price too!) is a turn off for the average Joe-blow.  The weathered paling fence walkway (a more budget friendly concept)...looked good but by day three of the exhibition (the day we attended) was an auditory migraine. Eeeek!

We also liked their application of synthetic grass but....the representative couldn't tell me what it was because "they got it free for display and the supply guy doesn't want the work". W.T.F.? Grrrr.

Lurved this light fitting.....and all the stand employees at Lewy. They were so enthusiastic and excited about their new products it was infectious....and we saw them on their final day!
Exy but worth every cent; Australian made / manufactured quality... *sigh*

Bonsai (O.M.G. impressive variety), cool art and arty-farty chairs from Chair Candy were surprising exhibitors.

Davey found some building 'stuff' that piqued his interest for, like, 30 seconds. Impressive!  
(Honestly, NO sarcasm implied)

And we were both really impressed with the products seen L - R above.
Modular Wall Systems, Landscape Tanks and
 Historical Timber Floors.

I drooled over the Enzie Spiral Staircases and got a glimpse of the Mr. Kevin McCloud!

 Not a bad day, all in all!

x KL

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