More custom design!

 My lounge looks like this today....Eeeeek! But, I'm overjoyed!
The custom designed vanity and shaving cabinetry for the guest ensuite is in this lot, as well as my entertainment unit for the family room. Yee Ha!

The vanity will look the same as the one I designed for the main bathroom (posted HERE) but instead of floating over a wall of mirror, the large mirrored shaving cabinet will be above to supply copious storage. See an inspirational picture below:

Trying to get the details right was a nightmare. Simple looks easy, but getting everything to line up perfectly and be flush is very challenging. My fingers and toes are firmly crossed that when David installs it all, all those triple checked measurements are correct!!!!

I'm hoping that the custom entertainment unit is going to save my sanity too.
A tall order, I know...
As many of you are aware, living in a home being renovated is difficult, so say the least. Living in a half built house, over a long period of time, is also. Both David and I are just about 'over-it' and as David has just commenced a new project in Sydney (adding commuting to his schedule), I anticipate work here will be negligible. So, I've decided that taming the mess pictured below, is a priority.

The black Chinese cupboard can be relocated to...(? !) and all that equipment can disappear behind two-pac doors. I initially designed the unit with wide drawers but after receiving the quotation, changed them for doors which reduced the price by two thirds!!! I still have to get a ceasarstone top made for it...

I chose to have the exterior sprayed in satin two-pac (shows less fingerprinting than gloss) in the same colour as the walls; Dulux Natural White. I had planned to hang it on the wall so it floated like the ones in the images below...

 ...but am now considering adding support to make it portable should we sell this house.
Wall hung, full steel base or just legs is the next dilema!
These units are similar in idea...

I've got a fair bit of mess-sorting to do before anything more can be done so better put that to the top of the list for now! Would love to hear your thoughts...

and look forward to showing you the finished project soon!

x KL

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