Smokin' ...

TOP: Pics from S & M's apartment in Newtown, Thursday. BOTTOM: LHS Pic by Davey from Mona Vale tip and
RHS from our deck at Copacabana, also on Thursday.
Are you watching the news non-stop too?
Whilst we do not live in close proximity to the current fires burning in New South Wales, we are most certainly experiencing their effects; smoke and road closures. 

I am praying for those communities and families directed affected by, what are being reported as, the most catastrophic fires in over a decade.

With more hot weather and wild winds predicted for the next few days, my thoughts are also with our brave fire fighters who are the first line of defence.

22. 10. 13 UPDATE: 

Photo: David Rawsthorne/lithgowlights.com
 Frantic weekend back burning seen above from the foot of The Blue Mountains... tomorrow is deemed to be extreme and a convoy of fire services are gathered ready....

Praying for all.

x KL

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