christmas decorations (a bargin hunter's secret)

 Soooo....I've been thinking about Christmas a bit lately and my mind turned to decorations.
I love choosing a different colour / wrapping / decor each year.
Here are some past themes...

I fell in lurve a few seasons ago with some ridiculously priced diamante concoctions from Domayne and, as is this family's custom, purchased one, appropriately themed item, per member each year.

So my little stash of 'special' decorations has grown. And when S & M left the nest, I bought their first Christmas decorations to start their own tree....

And this year, as it's A's first Christmas away from home, I bought her this:

but....for her BF, I needed a duck! and no other icon would do...

So I turned to good ol' Mr Google and guess what?
These $20+ Christmas ornaments are readily available on eBay for <$10, sold as diamante keyrings and necklaces!
Yes! I know! W.T.F?

Hello Mr $5 Duck! I'll look forward to meeting you!

x KL

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