I've always loved IKEA
They consistently produce great designs that are both friendly on the wallet and the eye.  I spent a lovely couple of hours perusing their recently released, 2014 catalogue and thought I'd share some of my faves with you!

Black and White-tasticness!!!!

 Have you noticing we are experiencing a major scandi trend ATM? I'm In!!!!

Who doesn't want need a Black & White cow hide? KOLDBY Cow Hide $299!!!!
SOFIA Fabric $11.99 per metre
STOCKHOLM flat woven rugs $99 - $499 depending on size
Mix n' match: TICKAR Stoneware from $2.99
HJALMAREN towel rack $19.99

 Old Favourites / New ways:

 LACK Shelf $89. LOVE it being used horizontally on a desk top! Clever!

GRUNDTAL drying rack $29.99 Practical. Functional. Multiply the goodness!
STUVA Storage $149 $99 Gotta love that price drop!!!!
Didn't think this staple could get better...
EXPEDIT Storage $299 + drawers $30 pr and doors $20ea

 Not adverse to a pop of colour?

 STOCKHOLM 3 seater lounge $1499
ORSTED Pure New Wool $999

And there's always something new:

HJALMARREN Trolley $99
 FABRIKOR Cabinet $249

 Of course there was much more to tempt me...
Click HERE for the Aussie catalogue to see for yourself!

Have you been to IKEA lately? What are your recommendations?

x KL

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