The Christmas 'List' is shrinking fast....

 I don't know about you but I find men very difficult to buy for. T-shirt and socks? Ho Hum.
I crossed quite a few though off my list today with this:

I've been a fan of Peter's of Kensington for many years as:
(a) they sell online and (b) their prices are always very competitive.
A free sign-up to their weekly newsletter alerted me to their 'Daily deals' over the Christmas period. Not only good ideas but exceptional prices too. Three nephews aged 18 - 22 and my second daughter's boyfriend will get these gorgeous pens (silver NOT pink, ha ha!) + Hoyt's movie passes. Yay!!! Four more off the list!
Other stuff I bought from this promotion were these:

My eldest daughter and BF are thinking of moving into their own place next year and the bright colours look so young and 'like' them! I've bought Joseph Joseph before and found the brand good quality so at these prices were too good to pass up. I've finished their Christmas present buying so will put these away for a surprise when the time is right!

I realise many blogs are now sponsored to advertise but just thought I'd let you know I'm not. 
I just think these are good deals worth checking out! I reckon if we all shared our 'finds' and ideas we could halve the hard work that Christmas creates for many. Like Moi!

Welcome to my new followers too... each of you have been like little Christmas pressies to me... I ah ed and oohed (and bragged a bit too, to hubs just quietly) that now 33 34 other persons liked my ramblings enough to press 'join'. Thank you so very much.


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