December One...the tree is up!

 O.K. Well this one isn't mine. (It belongs to The White House no less....)
But mine is green and located in the family room this year.

If you're wondering why I mention this, it's because of the drama caused by my black tree last year!

December One has rolled around again and with these familiar statements...
"... really Mum? If you'd have let me known! Gotta get to work now...."
"Sorry Mum, we'll be in Japan...."
"I've got a concrete pour tomorrow... still setting up. 6am start!"
"Yes! Yay! Woo Hoo! ... I'll just finish this first..."
um... hello?...

Anyhoo...I erected the old Green tree and entwined three sets of lights before I called it quits.
(W.T.F. is it with Christmas lights? No matter how carefully you roll 'em they're a tangle the next year with 85% of lights blown. Grrrr!!!)

December 2; decoration derby!

x KL
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