Where there's a will there's a way!

The packaging was divine! The cushion came wrapped in damask tissue inside the blue print woven bag!

 O. M. G ! I've had a bit of an exciting day!
Never one to be thwarted by the OTT price on a wish-list item, I set myself the daunting task of acquiring the Vivienne Westwood Union Jack Flag pillow at a more reasonable price point. Today, after a few months of hard work, I received her direct from the Rug Company in London. Divine! This will be a piece I will cherish forever and although I was happier with what I paid (as opposed to recommended retail), with import and custom costs this one better stay 'a keeper' in my eclectic menagerie!

I love it on the well worn, cream leather family room lounge but plan on it 'living' on the charcoal playroom sofa upstairs. One day! LOL!

My darling boy gave me a precious cuddle in bed this morning and I had to take this pic of his hair. After the big cancer 'shave' fundraiser he's decided he likes his hair short so it was re clipped and, although the photo doesn't do reality justice - please believe me, it was like spun gold.
(Click & enlarge - truly, Gold gossamer!).
Rumpelstiltskin; Esmerelda has got serious competition!!! 

Please excuse sewing repair on left and abominable mess elsewhere... I'm getting there, albeit slowly! LOL!

 My darling hubby David brought back this gift for me today; a huge bunch of Christmas Bush. Nothing says 'Christmas' more! He went to meet some prospective clients on site for a proposed new build and there was a neglected bush hiding that he spied. Luckily he had some secateurs in his ute and 'Bob's your Uncle'!

x KL 

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