December 3: Christmas cards!

 Do you still send out Christmas cards? I've noticed a huge decline in the receiving end over the last few years. Some have been replaced with e-mail 'cards' others have disappeared into the ether!

 I started on mine today. With the addition of business ones I send out around a hundred each year. I print a generic message on the computer and glue it to the inside of every card, personalising those that I really need to. Then all I have to do is hand write the 'to...' bizzo inside each card and address the envelopes.

This will still take me the rest of the week before they're ready to post!
I always match my cards to my Christmas tree decorating and gift wrap theme and bought simple silver Cole's cards this year for $3 per 12 pack. Bargain! Last year my Black tree necessitated the $12 for eight David Jones Black flock design and the year before that the red flocked version as seen below:

Do you still send out cards? 
And how do you display any you receive? I always find this challenging!

x KL

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