I'm nearly done....

From ...love Maegan blog
 I'm soooo close to finishing my Christmas shopping...thank goodness! I always try to be super organised but the last few weeks in the lead up to Christmas always end with me feeling 'over-it' and very Ba-Humbug! All I have left to purchase now are a few stocking treats and my second daughter's BF's gift. He's just splurged on an XBox so I'll get him a game but which one? If said daughter had made enquiries as requested I'd be done. Grrrrr.
Anyhooo, what do you think of the tree skirt above? I found it HERE. What a great idea! My gold, red and black skirts that I've used  for previously tree decoration don't match my white / silver theme this year and I can't locate a pure white one I like. I'm going to adapt Maegan's idea and use a white faux fur throw at the base of my tree. Another problem solved, yay!

 The  project at Avoca Beach has got it's finishing touch... a mirrored stainless steel letterbox!
It was impossible to photograph but looks spectacular. Hubby was so excited to finish this detail but the back lighting is faulty and the overhang on the RHS is a razor edged accident that has already sliced my darling's arm so it's coming off and has to be re-done. Damn. No holiday yet for my poor hard working man!!! Makes me stop complaining about a day of present wrapping!

x KL

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