the flip side / 'happy' part of our christmas

The annual, local Fire Brigade's drive by on Christmas Eve - so noisy with sirens, loud speakers and lots of children squealing for lollies from Santa!
Christmas Eve Children's Mass; The Donkey! (More like an Arse if you ask me! he he!)
...but definitely a respectful, reverent donkey at the appropriate time! Whew!
Sooo many pressies for everyone!

And Santa excelled himself!
Extended family get-together at my parents home in Sydney (after a three year hiatus) for lunch on Christmas Day with even more presents!
...and there was also milking of 'udder' toes, as one does...
There was copious drinking, eating, backyard cricket playing and general making merry too between the present unwrapping which took up most of the day!

x KL

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