A new shopping discovery!

When was the last time you got really excited about a 'new' shop?
The Central Coast, where I live is limited in shopping choices. We are a 'D' graded region for the big national store's stock (Myer, DJs, Target, Kmart and Big W) and travelling to Sydney City and back is impossible to accomplish in the 9-3 school time slot. Smaller, specialist stores are few and far between and I can peruse them all in a half a day and never find anything new. I guess this is why I have embraced online and international shopping! 

Today I went to Castle Hill and met up with my oldest and dearest friend Jan, who had 'found' a shop she wanted to share with me. Only 1.5 hours from home, I even had time for a quick lunch with her before scooting back for school pick up! Yee Ha!

Anyhoo.... ramblings aside, this is her discovery:

You'll find everything to renovate / decorate your home here: kitchens, bathrooms, dining, living and home wares - all in the one place!Some of the stuff was exy but others really reasonable. They have a website too but I found it really ho hum - the shop experience was divine!
Their web link is HERE if you're interested. They do bedroom furniture too but not at Castle Hill. (Maybe it's a 'c' grade store???LOL!)  Here are my snaps:


 The entry to the store showcased some very beautiful silverware. The variety and range of price points were great. Loved the display niche too! Could see swishy residential applications....

 Lots of nice 'Euro' styled kitchens were displayed. Not necessarily practical but some good design ideas to take home!

 I've described to my hubby how I dream of an integrated Stainless steel sink with faucets that I can hide and streamline. He told me I was dream'n!!!! Well now I'm not! I got SO excited by this sink....(Jan ran elsewhere when I started squealing!) and even more so the tap ware. The spout in this picture is recessed below bench height but can be elevated to the standard position. Sweet. (But the handles were yucky....and nothing was plumbed for practical testing).

 Above is a little cocktail cabinet we were both impressed with (till we asked the price!).  I don't know if it's because the store is new or not, but many items were not priced and staff were generally unknowledgeable but.... so very helpful. (ie; I don't know but I'll get that info for you... and they did!)

 There were great displays for entertainment systems. I have no idea of their value but they had WOW factor; like internal drawer lighting. Seriously impressive.

The bathroom vanities impressed me the most. Corian topped, sleek little units, as pictured above were $530 (sans tap ware). They had no brochures and directed me to their website but that didn't feature them. Grrr. Go figure!

 Jani and I were both very impressed with this bathtub. It was HUGE! $1350. Really. Amazing. I'm seriously earmarking it for 'the farm' or the next house.

 I have a friend who has (two days ago), become a client and has a very bad back. I've suggested to her that we raise as many appliances as possible to alleviate bending. The laundry ones were a given but I had never seen an example to show her before today. Hello practical fit-out!  And I love the 'upside-down' drawer under the washer / dryer that creates a basket holding space. Why aren't all laundries designed like this?!!!!

 If I could have had 'my pick' of anything in the store today, this mirror above was  IT! Much larger than is seems in this photograph I expected it to be exy. ..it is $11 000.00! Woah...Way too exy for Moi. Apparently it's an antique mirror from Turkey. If you have the moolah... run, don't walk. She's spectacular in real life! Bloody Hell I can pick 'em!

 This was Jan's favourite item. I sat on the lounge opposite whilst we played 'house'. 
(I've known her since I was two....and I'm 'cough' close to fifty!!!!) 
She upped the electronic, constantina glass cocktail cabinet door with a finger whist looking glam and asking 'ice?' in a so nonchalant manner.
If you're wondering as we were; it is $ 6000+ for the top cabinets as shown.

Groovy retro sideboards..

and funky kitchen stools! (some kid's outside chairs just sneaked into this shot for a peek!)

 A final shot of the entry as I was leaving, showing the mirror kicks on this island unit. L.O.V.E. !
And.... finally did I come home empty handed? Ha! I think not! Marble topped replica Eero Saarinen Tulip side table came home with me for $260.  (She was discounted by 10% as an opening special) She'll suffice till I can afford the real deal.
And they have a giveaway gift with kitchenware purchases at the moment too....
Go have a squizz if there's one near you. They are located at Castle Hill, Concord, Willoughby and Brookvale in New South Wales. Love to hear your thoughts!

x KL

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