It's a wrap!

All my pressies are finally wrapped and under the tree and parcels for interstate family ready to post tomorrow. Whew! I feel so much more organised and less frazzled by getting this task done.

I'm always amazed at the creativity that children show when needing to occupy themselves for several hours. My son built a lego street scape for a figurine showdown and then photographed the shootout at various angles and stages to record the destruction action. Budding cinematographer or criminal mastermind? Eeek, only time will tell...

Am I getting old? I've answered for myself, I must be... I found myself interested in the shopping carts above. WTF? An Intervention is required!!!

I have a girlfriend in Baulkham Hills NSW who is modernising her decor and selling all of her beautiful, quality reclaimed Oregon pieces for ridiculous prices. The small bankers desk above is going for $250! If you'd like her contact details let me know.

Hope every one's having a lovely weekend!

x KL

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