The wish list expands, the travelers are home!

 How divine is this candle? It's by D.L. & Co. and I sooo love it! It's available from Barneys New York and thanks to international shipping broker Fiftyone this baby's winging her way to me. I found her on Sue's Christmas wish list from The Zhush. If you haven't heard of this blog site before then pop over for a real treat!

My daughter and boyfriend have arrived safely home from their big Japanese adventure too. Yay!!! They appear not to be radioactive thank God! Their trip was far too short for their liking and they can't wait to return. So what do 22 year olds purchase as souveniers? Check out my daughter's stash in the picture above. They brought home two extra suitcases filled with plush toys, anime figurines, games and Japanese alcohol. Hilarious! (I must say though that Geisha Kitty is very cute!)

I'm off today to try to finish my Christmas shopping before school concludes for the year.
Wish me luck with finding the Holy Grail; a car parking spot!

x KL

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