Vitamix arrival

I'm so excited; my long desired Vitamix has arrived!!! Yee Ha!!!


 It came with a hugemungous stack of literature and DVD manuals which on first opening were a tad intimidating. On closer inspection though the books are in every language known to man and the English sections take minutes to read through. Whew!!!
 I first heard about the Vitamix through Louise at Table Tonic. She blogged about this amazing contraption back in September. Using whole foods this beauty can juice, blend, chop, knead, cook and create frozen foods in minutes! I'm hoping it will clean up after itself too. Ha Ha! More information about the Vitamix is available on their site HERE if you're intrigued like I was.
I'm planning on starting one helluva health kick in 2012!
And the best bit? I got this baby free through redemption using the American Express cardholder rewards programme! Woo Hoo!

x KL

(...and no darling hubby, this is NOT your Christmas pressie to me. Nice try!!! LOL!)
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