The Block - a rant!

Are you watching The Block? We are here and and are generally enjoying it but last night's episode was a shocker!

Why I'm posting about this though is because of the unfairness of last night's episode. I really feel that Channel 9 and the shows producers failed miserably by delivering poorly edited footage that made all the contestants look like arguing, incompetent idiots. The Block is supposedly about renovating!. It is not Big Brother, a show which I choose not to watch!
The Block's site foreman Keith, surely has a duty to assist the contestants with compliance to building codes rather than flexing his ego and belittling them. Rod made two very simple errors and was painted as a person deliberately doing shoddy workmanship. I was appalled at his treatment! (Oh, and Keith doesn't know the Building Code too well himself; Rod could have simply added extra fixings to the Villaboard Sheeting to brace that wall in lieu of the cross bracing!!! I might send a copy of the BCA to him to brush up on!). Katrina and Amie's builder was so completely unprofessional that he totally disgraced himself, upsetting them so unnecessarily!  No wonder 'tradies' have bad reputations. But how did it get to that point? The uneven distribution of  decent trades persons skews the competition unfairly.
Ultimately the episode made for very uncomfortable and  unpleasant viewing!
If it continues in this vein, we will definitely switch it off and I doubt The Block will have a 2012 season. Who on earth would audition to be treated like the current competitors were last night?
To Polly / Waz, Rod / Tania, Katrina / Amie and Jenna  / Josh - your integrity and decency coping with these experiences shines through. You have my respect!