The true beauty of a 'styled' interior!

I am very much looking forward to 'The Block' room reveals on Sunday night. Last night's episode made me so much happier for the sisters, Katrina and Amie.
Presenting a polished final product on an immovable deadline made me think back to getting our last house ready for sale and 'styled' for open for inspections. We had a daughter studying for her School certificate, another smack bang in the middle of her Higher School Certificate exams and an energetic four year old son! My hubby and I were alternatively sick and carted off to hospital in this time too!
I tried to present every room as best as possible (Good Lord, I even 'pointed' the toilet tissue on the holders!) whist using and editing what we had.
I am really missing living in a 'finished' house at the moment. Our current build is S . L . O . W ! and to cheer myself up I thought I'd reminisce of what I can achieve with patience; and I found these pictures. The first is REALITY. The second is how we would liked others (particularly potential purchasers / visitors / mother-in-laws) to think we lived! Hilarious!!!

Lounge from Mezzanine. Gotta love a Matchbox car collection!

Kitchen from stairs to upper level. Should I cringe?

How it looked - ready to sell!

The reality of our Main Bedroom! Gotta love the ice-cream container 'sick' bowl!

The beauty of styling and a good photographer!
To conclude this post I must tell you how it all ended.
Our buyer, an absolutely beautiful young woman, inspected our home at 6:30 pm. It was not an Open -for-inspection day and (it was the ONLY day I told the agent we were NOT available) we had just 15 minutes notice. Our home looked more like the first pictures!
It was my eldest daughters Graduation night and I had a make-up artist, in-laws, her boy friend's parents, our friends, the girl's friends, Nanna & Grandad and neighbours all in -house. We had food and bodies everywhere. I was in trackies sewing a bra into her 'prom' styled fairytale dress. The  car to transport her to her special evening was 2 minutes away. My hubby and I were due to be there 10 minutes later!
And we had the potential buyer inspection! Aaaahhhhhhhh!!!! Talk about stress!!!!  In hindsight, it makes a good story! God knows what our buyer thought of our crazy family but she loved our home. After champagne together we all relaxed... so much for all that stress over perfect styling !
(But boy, do I empathise with The Block contestant's every reveal episode!!!)
x KL